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Your security electric fence is your first line of defence to your premises. Get it right first time.

At Gido we do quality installations at a guaranteed unbeatable price (See our pricing guarantee).

With more than 8000 clients on our database, Gido is arguably one of the biggest installers of electrified security fencing in Gauteng.

We install security fencing for:

  • Domestic: Residential Homes
  • Estates: Townhouses, Clusters and Estates.
  • Commercial: Commerce, Industrial, Mines, etc.
  • Country: Plots, Farms, Game Reserves, etc.

9 good reasons for a Gido Electric Fence:

Our accreditation, guarantees and ethics are incomparable to anyone else in the business.
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Good/Bad Fencing:

Unfortunately not all electric fences are equal. Learn to recognise some common faults in electric fence installations.
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Established in 2001, Gido designs and maintains security fences from basic to the most sophisticated applications. Full installation specifications are part and parcel of each and every installation.

Gido’s entry level wall top bracket recommendation is a minimum 6 strand square tubing bracket. (Subject to your budget, consider upgrading to a 8 or even a 10 strand square tubing system). The reason is simple, the bracket chosen should be an effective physical barrier, not a token fence that can just be climbed over and or bent down. (At Gido, we cannot keep up with the upgrading of entry level 5 & 6 string flat and round bar fences that have been breached.)

All our staff undergo rigorous in-house training at our training centre in Selby, Johannesburg. In addition, Gido staff regularly undergo polygraph testing to comply with various embassy and national key institution requirements.


Electric Fencing Legislation exists to which all new, upgraded and / or repaired electric fences must comply.



Gido is fully registered and accredited in compliance with legislation as per Government Gazette No. 34154, published 25 March 2011.


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