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In 2012, Gido Electric Fencing launched a revolutionary new remote on/off security lighting system; researched and developed exclusively for the South African market. The success of this system has been beyond expectations.

The advantages of this system over traditional security lights cannot be emphasized enough. Criminals are not aware of this lighting system.

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Security Lighting


Features & Benefits

  • 300W quarts halogen Security Spot Lights. The Security Spot Lights are configured into two circuits, operated via a single controller.
  • The Security Spot Lights operate via a remote on/off.
  • The system can accommodate as many additional remotes as required.
  • This system includes a timer option for the remote on / off. Maximum 30min.
  • Optional extra: The system can be linked to your electric fencing, house alarm etc if required. Alarm activation will trigger both light circuits with auto off after 30 minutes. System will then reset. Override circuit timer with remote on/off.
  • Arriving home late at night? Activate both circuits from your vehicle before entering your drive-way with remote on/off from up to 200m'.
  • In bed late at night and a noise outside? The entire system can be activated in an instant from the safety of your bedroom with remote on/off.
  • One circuit can be configured to incorporate your entertainment area for lighting when required.*
  • Be in full control of your electricity usage with the remote on/off function. Only activate necessary lights.
  • Any would-be intruders will be unsettled by a mass of Security Spot Lights lighting up simultaneously.

Investment Options:

4 light system
Fully installed from
VAT incl.
6 light system
Fully installed from
VAT incl.
8 light system
Fully installed from
VAT incl.
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