Legalities in respect of gate motor installations

It is a statutory requirement (SANS 10142-1 (2009)) that a double pole isolator switch be fitted within 1m of the gate motor. In addition; depending on where power is taken from to the isolator switch, the following:

  1. From a nearby plug point, e.g. garage, etc. it can be wired into a plug point. However, no holes may be drilled into the plug cover; thus, an extender box must be used. The cabling from such a connection may not be less than 2.5mm in diameter and must be shielded. You cannot fit a plug top to such a cable and plug it into a plug point. This is illegal.
  2. From a DB (Distribution Board), a dedicated circuit breaker must be fitted, minimum 10 Amp, and must be wired to the earth leakage. The cabling from this circuit breaker to the isolator switch may not be less than 1.5mm in diameter and must be shielded.
  3. If either cable is to be buried, if uncovered, it must be buried at a depth of 600mm, and if covered e.g. in conduiting, there is no depth restriction.
  4. Either cable can be run along the surface, uncovered. 

If you think you are going to get away with a cheap installation by not complying with the above, think again. You are going to end up paying dearly when selling the property. Ask friends and family regarding the cost of the Electrical Compliance Certification in remedying such work when it comes to selling.

Cost of standard 220V legislative compliant electrical connection to gate motor: R900.00 VAT Incl. (Maximum 10m of cabling to be installed from the nearest power source to the double pole isolator switch located within 1m of motor).

If cabling exceeds 10m, additional cabling will be charged at R70.00 (VAT Incl.) p/m. (To be confirmed & finalised on-site).